Sunday, May 16, 2010

Princess's Book Report

Writing has been a tough subject in school this year for Princess. She really has a hard time with getting what she has in her noggin down on the page in an organized fashion. I can not really blame her though, as up to this point her reports in public school only consisted on asking a set of questions on a page. I really did not realize just how little experience she had with writing and actually forming paragraphs and such. There have been evenings when I have sat and cried to my husband because of the frustration I felt since she is so smart but was still having such a difficult time with writing, but we are making progress and that is what counts.

For the book report I had her do this year, she had to look up information about the author, write out a plot map, and give me character profiles before writing the report up. While we still really need to work on her writing skills, I am really proud of her and the progress she has made. So, without further ado...I present Princess's Book Report on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

You’re joking!

It was dinnertime. Harry had just finished telling Ron what had happened when he left the grounds with Professor McGonagall. The author of this book tries to make the book real to the reader. The book is filled with excitement in every turn of a page. I think you will enjoy it as much as me!

When you start reading this book you read about a boy who lives in his aunt‘s and uncle’s house where he is miserable. Later he finds himself at Hogwarts where he learns to cast magic spells.

The place that Harry goes to is a place called Hogwarts. A scary looking castle the muggles or non- magic folk can’t see.

It takes place in modern England. The setting is wild and crazy. It’s got that “I think this is real” feeling in it. I think that it has lots of things that you can see in your mind.

Who are the crazy main characters of this story you may ask. Well read on to find out.

The first character I want to talk about is Hermione a witch that goes to Hogwarts. Hermione is a bushy haired girl who listens to her teachers. Her parents are both muggles but she is a very skilled witch. She is like a living book that walks and talks because she reads lots of books and memorizes lots of spells.

Harry Potter is a boy whose parents died and he lived at his aunt’s and uncle’s house where he is miserable. Harry is known for his lightning shaped scar on his forehead. But Harry has a deadly enemy. His name is Voldemort.

Who is the author and what is she like? Well find out in reading my next paragraph!

J.K. Rowling is the author of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but she also has written other books like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Both are good books if you ask me.

When you have finished this book you will want to read the others. I guarantee you that they are worth reading. I think that is a good book for kids. It’s creative and serious, but not too serious.

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