Monday, May 17, 2010

Renaissance Fair!

This past Friday we had a wonderful time at the Renaissance and Fantasy Fair. Fridays were a homeschool discount day (and it was a pretty big discount), so it was completely awesome that Brady has every other Friday off so that he could go with us. Having Dad along on a field trip always makes it better.

Princess and Spike were put into the stockades. Hmm...can we get one of these for when they are driving me crazy?The jousters were a lot of fun. We cheered for England, but Scotland won...

Sprout had a good seat for the show.
There was a petting zoo, and the kids always like that. Sprout really liked the goats and it was hard to get her to leave.
Then we walked around a bit and visited some of the merchants. We got some smoked turkey legs and yummy root beer, cream soda, birch beer, and sasparilla in blue glass bottles.
We stopped by the fiber arts tent where a woman was spinning on a spinning wheel. Princess was interested in the drop spindles so she got a crash course in how to spin yarn on one. The lady made it look really easy, but we found out that it is harder than it looks. I think we may get a drop spindle or two later so we can practice.
It was a fun day, even though we had to hurry out a bit since the clouds were looking ominous and it got a little chilly. Luckily we were on our way home before the rain started.

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